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Both my daughters attend Bright Montessori and I am one satisfied parent, so here I am raving about the school! My 5 year old daughter has been going to the school for more than 3 years and will graduate this June. My younger has been there for 10 months now. I am so pleased with all the teachers and the positive environment that my kids are growing up in. The kids just finished their spring break, and all they talked about throughout the break was about school, teachers and their friends at school. I like it that each kid is given individual attention and allowed to grow at their own pace. They come home learning something new everyday! And whenever I have questions, the teachers are very approachable and are more than willing to share their experience. Also, there have been one or two occasion when I have missed sending a sweater or a blanket, but they have taken care of that too without giving me a hard time!

The school has a lot of fun activities like field trips, birthday parties, cultural events where the kids experience the food and culture of different countries. Parents are encouraged to participate but it is not compulsory; it’s really whenever you can make it for those events. The school also has extra classes like karate, soccer & dance for an added fee. My kids have been telling me words in Spanish, Chinese, Armenian and Hindi! It amazes me how much they learn there besides the daily curriculum. And they have developed a love for reading, and my 5 year old loves to read to my 2 year old everyday. They always take a book along when we go on road trips and spend time reading aloud.

The summer program they have is really fun, and the kids have a wonderful time there. Last year they had a cultural month and each week they focused on different countries. The school has a huge outdoor area which other schools in Glendale (those that I have toured) probably don’t. The kids get enough outdoor play and sun. We don’t need to worry about having to take them out to the playground when they come home. And oh yes, I was so happy when I walked in one day and saw my 5 year old cycling without trainer wheels! I did not have the time to start that yet, but she was already learning it by herself there under the watchful eye of the teachers.

The school encourages you to start potty training early (at 2), and works with you on that. Within a month of joining my 2 year old had a big difference in her behavior. Suddenly it was more structured, she was able to follow instructions and wanted to do homework! lol! At home after her meals, she would wipe the table with a napkin and put the plate back in the sink. It is amazing, because I didn’t have to teach her all that! In a little over the 3 years there, there are just too many great things to mention but I thought I will just name a few! They have never over promised but definitely exceeded our expectations all this while! I strongly recommend Bright Montessori, if you want a happy and confident child!


Bright Montessori truly is a gem.  We noticed a profound change in our son – quickly.  Honestly, my husband and I remarked almost immediately how grown up, polite, helpful and evolved he had become.  Yes, we’re only several months in, but we think it’s wonderful.

A little backstory, my son is three and had just completed a year of preschool at a non-Montessori, well-established school in Eagle Rock.  But the minute I saw Bright, I knew it was the place for him.  The emphasis on calm, focus, and learning has changed his whole demeanor and perspective.  He is more curious and far less interested in “testing” at home.  We attribute much of this to being with older students and, of course, the wonderful teachers at Bright.  Ms. Sakina is attentive without fail, always present and positive and wonderful to the kids.  It’s clear they love her, and the only word I can think of to describe the lovely kids there is “bright.”  Sending our son there is the best decision we could have made.


Taking my 2 year old here was the best decision we have ever made. I can’t say enough good things about Bright and the staff is amazing.


This place is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased!!

I found Bright Montessori after realizing that a home childcare provider was treating my daughter very poorly. My daughters behavior had started to turn very negative after attending the home childcare. I saw a change in her behavior within two days of enrollment with Bright Montessori.

My daughter just turned two and is the youngest in the school. She has learned so much in a short amount of time. The method of teaching really can be absorbed at a very young age and the teachers here are absolutely wonderful. My daughter has been attending for about a month now. Her independence has grown so much.

More importantly, my daughter couldn’t be happier! She wakes up excited to go to school each day. We have our mornings where separation is an issue, but they are very rare, she is still very young, and the staff is always right there to care for her.

Putting my daughter in this school is the best decision I could have made as far as beginning her education and care while I am at work. I couldn’t be more grateful to the staff for how well they have cared for my daughter.

Update: My daughter has been going to this school for 10 months now. I couldn’t be more pleased! She has learned so much in such a short amount of time and she absolutely loves her teachers! She even asks to go to school on the weekends! It’s such a wonderful and encouraging environment. I have absolutely no complaints. 🙂


Maybe I was a bit lazy/selfish to keep quiet about Bright while son was there.  Maybe it’s just  better to sound off after graduation.  In any case, Bright Montessori needs to drop its  hidden gem status in the Eagle Rock/Glendale/Pasadena area.   Truth is, our son was enrolled at Bright and a popular ER area school in first summer but by season end, Bright won as the only school for its flexibility and a much happier, lighter vibe.  The  separation took my son about a month to get used to; the teachers were absolutely great about helping  him transition.  Before long, he refused to to leave at pick-up time and I don’t exaggerate when I say that “struggle” lasted 3.5 years.  For me, this small nuisance was the clearest sign that he was in the right place.  Bright gained many students while we were there but class size was never too large.  Their teachers’ kindness and nurturing behavior cannot be overstated.  Overall, their program has active, happy, and engaging kids. Birthday parties that usually involve a piñata and a jumper were a constant.  These folks are serious with other parties too!  My son walks away a VERY sweet, confident, and socially adept kid- thanks to the hard work of their sweet and patient teachers.


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