A Note from the Director

my story(1A)I became interested in teaching young children when I was only eleven years old. Living in India, I became an aunt and I immediately took a great fondness to my niece. I was fascinated at how she absorbed information, reacted to new things and interacted with those around her. I recall being extremely satisfied when I taught her new things and was able to watch her develop and grow. This sense of satisfaction is why I went into teaching. I became certified through American Montessori International.

I have been a teacher for Montessori schools for over 25 years. I found that the Montessori method is the best way to educate children because it is a scientific method of teaching that educates children through direct control of their environment. Empowering children so they can help themselves. Montessori is more than just academic – through Montessori, children learn how to be social, how to use emotions for constructive and helpful ways and the importance of being physically strong.

In 2003, I brought my passion for teaching and created Bright Montessori. As a director, I believe it’s important to take a personal interest in each child’s development, as no two children are alike. Therefore my teachers and I design a customized program for each child at joining the school.

Every day, I feel fortunate to be able to work with children to expand their knowledge and mature. Every child comes to the school with a different story, a different background. But every child feels empowered, gets excited and takes lead of their learning. For me, it is an honor to watch them work and grow together – Our Montessori Family!

My own two children (both in their thirties) often joke that I love my school children more than my real ones. Though they are not entirely correct, when my two-year old student tells me he loves me, my heart melts!